Introducing HLIConnect!

HLIConnect is a new initiative to cast a nationwide net to identify potential Hispanic leaders, connect them with educational options that would fit them best, and connect them with local PCA churches and presbyteries that can offer internship or staff positions for these future leaders.

As part of this initiative, we have developed an online repository, accessed through the HLI website, that includes information from three different sources: Candidates; Educational Opportunities; and Positions Available.


HLI Strategic Partners

PCA and Southwest Presbyteries

Other Resources

Please note that while HLI is providing the following links as a way of giving you an idea of how Hispanics are affecting life in the United States today and in the future, the descriptions, opinions, and statistical data that these links provide belong to the author of the articles contained therein, and are not necessarily the opinion of the HLI Board, nor does the HLI Board officially condone or agree with those opinions.