Vivo 2015

Written in Blood

Vivo 2015 is the first conference where HLI brought together both Anglo and Hispanic leaders from both the PCA and other denominations. Our goal for this conference was three-fold: challenge the churches of the PCA to consider how they will take the Gospel to the growing Hispanic population within their communities and throughout the United States; expose all of our attendees to the richness and truth of the Scriptures; and build awareness of the work that HLI is doing and encourage partnership among all denominations and ethnicities in preparing the future leaders of Christ’s church.

We were blessed to have great speakers, great exhibitors, and over 85 people in attendance! We encourage you to experience the richness of this conference through viewing the videos below.

Conference Videos

Plenary Session 1
God's Kingdom and the Bonds of His Covenants - Part 1
Dr. Richard Pratt

Plenary Session 2
En Familia ... Blessings in the Covenant Community
Rev. Victor Martinez

Plenary Session 3
God's Kingdom and the Bonds of His Covenants - Part 2
Dr. Richard Pratt

Q&A Panel
Dr. Richard Pratt, Rev. Victor Martinez, Dr. Tom Gibbs, Rev. Josh Geiger

Does Theology Really Matter
Dr. Tom Gibbs

Hispanic Leadership in the PCA: Challenges and Benefits
Rev. Josh Geiger